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A development adapted to your needs

A specific development can help your company automate the data collection and reporting, removing manual processes that take too long.

Your employees can then focus on solving real problems, growing the business and being proactive.

Because your needs is specific and so, you need too a specific application.

For a small business, because this development is adapted to your budget, because I am your only interlocutor and, for my part my experience, I am able to understand your problem and that I will accompany you until the complete implementation place of your application.

For a medium or large company, because certain developments do not require the long delays and the high budgets required by heavier and complex languages.

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logo Excel Surely you spend too much time on repetitive tasks that could be done quickly thanks to a macro or a specific development in VBA ...

Access - SQL development

logo Access Because your business deserves a dedicated application, easy to use...

Tidy data in tables, easy-to-use forms, summary reports, and data that easily move from one Office application to another...

Internet developments

logo drupal Because nowadays, your business must be visible on the internet

Because almost 80% of internet browsing is done on a mobile device, your website must be "responsive" easily usable by a mobile device.

Bed and Breakfast, cottage, products of your shop, a bookings management website...

We establish together the theme of your website and the functionalities you want. Everything is simple, I take care of development, SEO and your training.

Why asking for a freelance work?

Stay focused on your business!

You do not create every day a website, an Excel application or Access database. This Excel file, thousands of lines, becomes too much hard to manage and must be made a real automated tool. Use freelance to do these tasks. You just have to focus on your activity.

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You will save time and money!

When you hire a freelancer, you do not fund a presence but a benefit. No intermediary! Easy communication, project start-up without delay. The ambition of the freelance is to satisfy you, it is what makes it live. A service contract which determines the project framework but also its price and time.

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The power of computing

We all know, in all kind of businesses a computer is essential. An Excel file for accounting, an Access customer database or a website. The power of VBA language is unknown and yet, we can develop incredible applications... A website, a blog built with Drupal 8 and SEO rules properly implemented.

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How to do?


We develop it together or we work on the one you have already established. On the basis of these specifications, an estimate is formalized. After the validation of the estimate, the service can begin. On the basis of these specifications, an estimate is formalized. After the validation of the estimate, the work can begin.

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Duration and deadline of your development

The duration of each project is very variable. It can go from half a day to several months. Do not hesitate to inquire, even on a very short development, the productivity gain can be significant! Depending on your priorities, we establish together the development deadlines.

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Time payment or by package?

Time payment: the cost of the mission is simply depending on the time spent on your project, based on an hourly or daily rate determined and validated.
package payment: the cost of the mission is determined on the basis of a previously established and validated estimate.

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How much does it cost?

For a question of cost, I prefer remote work.

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